Unshare a Project from the Gallery

This video shows how to unpublish a project from the public Quiltster Gallery. ShareTwitterFacebook

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Tour of the Marketplace & Shopping Cart

In this video, you will tour the Marketplace and Shopping Cart at Quiltster.com. Video Shortcuts 0:47 What is the Marketplace? 1:30 Quilt Kits 1:34 Sorting and Filtering 2:19 Which Quilt Shop is selling each item? 2:34 Quilt Kit details page and kit variation options 3:25 Quilt Patterns 3:40 Filters unique to Quilt Patterns page 4:48

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Marketplace Coupons

Quilt Shops Everything you see for sale in the Marketplace is sold by and fulfilled by our Quilt Shop partners across the country. The shop name is shown on each listing so you can see with whom you are shopping. Marketplace coupons are specific to a Quilt Shop. Filter “Quilt Shops” to see everything the

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Buying Your Project: Fabric Inventory Notifications

Now that you’ve planned the perfect project in the Quilt Planner, you’re ready to make it! We’ve made it easy to find out which fabric is for sale so you can buy your project. Fabric inventory notifications in the yardage chart show you which fabrics are in stock and which ones you may need to

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Black Friday Sales 2021 (closed)

***Scroll down for coupon codes*** Are you ready for the holidays? We’re so excited to offer several Black Friday Sales from our Quilt Shop partners! Read the offers below carefully so you know which shop is offering which discounts on which days. Some offers require a COUPON CODE which must be entered in the shopping

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Quilt Planner Challenge 2021 (closed)

When: October 11th-22nd. Who: All Quiltster members! How to Enter 1. Create a project. Log in or Subscribe to create a project in the Quilt Planner. Pattern: Any Fabric: Any The only rule for the fabric is to make sure the fabric you select follows one of the provided color palettes closely. We realize the

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Quiltster Subscriptions

Subscribing to Quiltster.com gives you access to the online Quilt Planner. There you will choose fabric for popular patterns to see the how your quilt would look before buying supplies. What do you get with a Quiltster subscription? Access to the Quilt Planner. Ability to customize patterns in the Pattern Library. Ability to use all

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Quilt Pattern: Coral Reef

The Coral Reef is a Quiltworx Technique of the Month pattern that is available to customize in the Quilt Planner. Quiltster members choose their own fabric to create a look and feel that is all their own. Check out the Coral Reef in the Gallery to see how others have customized this quilt and get

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Quilt Pattern: Courtyard Fountain Queen Mixer

The Courtyard Fountain Queen is a mixer pattern. The pattern consists of a blank layout along with a series of predesigned block options that you can mix and match to create your own layout. In Quiltster, you can choose which predesigned blocks you want and use the advanced tools (unlock, rotate and sync) to further

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How to Create a New Project in the Quilt Planner