How to Create a New Project

Learn how to create a new project in the Quilt Planner by choosing a pattern from the Pattern Library, then customizing it with the fabric of your choice. Fabric can be added to any project by using anything in our Fabric Stash OR by uploading your own fabric from your personal stash. Learn more about

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Unlock a Pattern

Advanced Quilt Planner Tools If you want to create a rainbow colorway, you will need to add fabric to individual blocks within a single block group. When selecting a block group to customize, all blocks in the selected group will activate at once. Unlocking the pattern allows you to customize one or more blocks within

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Buying Your Quilt Planner Project

How to use the Fabric inventory notifications on the Yardage Chart. Now that you’ve planned the perfect project in the Quilt Planner, you’re ready to make it! We’ve made it easy to find out which fabric is for sale so you can buy your project. Fabric inventory notifications in the yardage chart show you which

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Advanced Quilt Planner Tools

Learn how to customize your quilt design with advanced quilt editor tools in the Digital Quilt Planner. This video walks you through each of the toolbars in the Quilt Planner. See more details below. Video shortcuts Top toolbar: Light bulb and Grid, go to 0:46​ Lock/Unlock – Go to 3:22​ Bottom toolbar: 8:02​ Rotate: 8:58​

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All about Yardage Charts

Have you ever wondered if you have enough fabric for your project? Quiltster generates accurate yardage charts for every project you create. Whether you upload your own precious fabric or use fabric you are thinking about buying, use it in a Quiltster project first so you know exactly how much you need. This video walks

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Project ID Number

The project ID number can be helpful when posing questions to customer service. This number is located in the details panel of your project. Open your project and click Details on the left toolbar 2. The Project ID number is at the top of the details panel. Happy Quiltstering!

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How to Create a New Project in the Quilt Planner