Request a Demonstration

Are you wondering what the secret is to creating award winning quilts? Let us help you learn how easy it is to create your dream quilt using the Quilt Planner. Whether you want to learn about a specific tool, technique or if you want to see everything start to finish, our experts will take the

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Pattern Request

Patterns that can be customized in the Quilt Planner can be found here: Quilt Patterns. Patterns with prices may also be purchased through To add a new Pattern Designer If there is a pattern designer you wish to see in the Quilt Planner that is currently not represented, a request may be made to

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Troubleshooting Checklist

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We want you to have a fun and easy Quiltster experience so we’ve put together a list of likely solutions to help you get Quiltstering again right away. 99% of the time, one of the actions on the troubleshooting check-list will correct minor issues without needing further

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Fabric Request

Fabric that can be used in the Quilt Planner to customize patterns can be found here: Quilting Fabric. Fabric with pricing may be purchased through If there is a fabric collection you wish to see in the Quilt Planner that is currently not represented, a request may be made by filling out this form.

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Report an Issue: Error Messages & Inspect Windows

When issues are reported to customer support, the first thing we do is try to replicate it. This is why we want to know which device you were using, which browser you were using, which project you were working on, which buttons you clicked, and so on. In some cases, we may not be able

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How and Why to Clear Cache

This is also called a “hard refresh” which lets you see the most recent updates made to a web page. Maintenance updates are published to on a regular basis to keep the program in line with browser updates, security requirements, feature enhancements and more. What does it mean to hard refresh and clear cache?

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