My Favorites: Save Your Favorite Fabric

Choosing fabric is one of our favorite things to do. Which fabric you choose depends on your personal taste and everyone likes different things. We are constantly adding new collections to the Fabric Stash so you always have a plethora of fabric to choose from. However, we know it can be overwhelming to have so

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All about Yardage Charts

Have you ever wondered if you have enough fabric for your project? Quiltster generates accurate yardage charts for every project you create. Whether you upload your own precious fabric or use fabric you are thinking about buying, use it in a Quiltster project first so you know exactly how much you need. This video walks

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Request a Fabric Collection

July 13th 2022: All fabric requests are currently on hold as our queue is full. If you need specific fabric for a project, you may choose to add them to your own account for personal use. Learn how to do that here. We will let you know when requests will resume. Thank you for your

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How to Upload Fabric from a Smartphone

Using a mobile device to upload fabric into your Quiltster account is easy because you can take a picture with your mobile device, crop it and upload it all using your phones features. *Not all smartphones have the same features so you will need to look at your phones photo options to see if you

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How to Upload Fabric

Wondering what that fabric in your hallway closet will look like in your next project? This video will teach you how to upload fabric into your own account so you can see the look of your finished quilt using your own stash from home! Before you get started Take pictures of your fabric, keeping in

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Tips for Uploading Fabric

The fabric uploader is one of the highlights of the Quilt Planner. Remember all that fabric stashed in the guest room? Put it all into your Quiltster account so you know what you have when planning projects. There are three methods: Photograph: Take a picture with a smartphone or tablet. Scan: Place the fabric in

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