How to Upload Fabric

Wondering what that fabric in your hallway closet will look like in your next project? This video will teach you how to upload fabric into your own account so you can see the look of your finished quilt using your own stash from home!

Before you get started

  1. Take pictures of your fabric, keeping in mind the actual swatch size. Or pull images from somewhere online.
  2. Crop pictures into a perfect square.
  3. Save to a folder on your computer.

Click HERE to learn how to take good pictures of your fabric or find images elsewhere to upload into your account.

How to Upload Fabric into Your Quiltster Account

Steps to Upload Fabric

  1. Go to the Fabric Stash
  2. Click ‘Create New Fabric’
  3. Choose Image: Click Browse to find the image on your computer.
  4. Enter SKU: Enter the manufacturers SKU or give the fabric a name that means something to you.
  5. Enter the Swatch Size. This is the actual size of the piece of fabric in the image. For an 8″ x 8″ swatch, enter 8.
  6. Click Upload

Where to find your fabric once uploaded

Your new fabric can be found in the Fabric Stashe under the filter Mine then My Fabrics. The Fabric Stash can be found in three places.

  1. The main Fabric Stash
  2. The Fabric Stash inside the Block Editor.
  3. The Fabric Stash inside the Yardage Chart.

Happy Quiltstering!

If you’re looking for a full collection, send in a request and we’ll add it for you!