How to Resubscribe

Quiltster subscriptions are flexible and allow you to subscribe and cancel as you need to. If you’ve had a subscription in the past and wish to sign up again, make sure to resubscribe using the same email address and password used previously. This allows you to access old projects and pick up where you left off.

Go to

  1. Choose a Subscription Plan

2. Create an Account. Choose “Returning customer” and log in using the same email address and password used previously. Accounts are attached to email addresses so this will reopen your old account where your projects are stored.

3. Enter Payment Method

4. Read and agree to the terms and conditions of recurring payments. Monthly subscriptions auto-renew every 30 days until canceled. Annual subscriptions auto-renew every 12 months until canceled.

5. Click “Start My Subscription”

6. Click your profile icon in the top right corner to review your upcoming billing date and amount, to update your profile picture, log out or cancel your subscription completely.

Pro tip: Clicking “Cancel Plan” on the same day you subscribe will cancel your upcoming billing date and allow you to use the Quilt Planner until that date. This way your subscription will stay open and will not auto-renew.

Happy Quiltstering!