Pattern Request

Patterns that can be customized in the Quilt Planner can be found here: Quilt Patterns. Patterns with prices may also be purchased through

To add a new Pattern Designer

If there is a pattern designer you wish to see in the Quilt Planner that is currently not represented, a request may be made to include their designs in our program.

Please keep in mind that we must gain written approval from the pattern designer before their designs can be added to Once approval has been given, the digitization process takes approximately 2 weeks depending on the complexity of the pattern and how quickly it can be reviewed for publication.

While we will reach out to the pattern designer to begin the process, it never hurts to have requests coming from our audience as well.

Here’s how we recommend you proceed:

Step 1: Reach out directly to the pattern designer. Send a nice email or fill out the contact us form on the pattern designers website with a polite request asking them to share their patterns (or a specific pattern) with us for our Quilt Planner.

Step 2: Fill out the form below and we will do the same.

To add a Pattern for an existing Pattern Designer

Fill out the form below. If we already represent the pattern designer in our program, we can reach out for the new file and get the pattern in the publication queue as soon as it’s received.

Pattern Request Form

  • Please provide a the pattern designers website.
  • Where can we reach you if we have questions?

Q: What happens after a pattern is requested?

A: When a pattern is requested, the designer is contacted immediately.

Q: Why do you need permission from the designer?

A: Permission from the designer is required because Quiltster staff redrafts their original work in a customized digital format to function properly inside our program. The digital version of the pattern is carefully created to follow the pattern instructions exactly including design, block groups, color groups and yardage calculation. The designer then needs to review our version of their pattern to ensure our version of their design perfectly represents their work. This ensures you have the best quilt planning experience.

Q: How long does it take to get the pattern published?

A: Redrafting patterns takes time to ensure accuracy. Once the digital draft has been approved, the pattern is published to the Pattern Library and made accessible to Quiltster subscribers.