Buying Your Quilt Planner Project

Create a Quilt with Purchasable Items

The first thing to do once you’re inside the Block Editor, is to make sure you select, “Products I Can Buy” under All Fabrics. This limits your options to only fabrics that are for sale through, which is what you want if you’re planning to buy your Quilt Planner project.

Turn on the filter for “Products I Can Buy” to see only fabrics that are for sale. (These are Marketplace Fabrics).

Review Fabric Requirements

Open the Yardage Chart and review the fabric requirements under “By Fabric”.

Listed by each fabric is an icon. These icons tell you if there is enough fabric for your project. You want to see GREEN icons on ALL the fabric listed on the Yardage Chart, including Backing and Binding.

You want to see the little GREEN SHOPPING CART or the little GREEN EXCLAMATION POINT. Green is good, that means there is enough inventory to make your quilt and it is okay to purchase your project.

Any other icons mean the fabric is sold out or there is not enough to make your quilt. If that happens, you will need to choose a suitable replacement fabric prior to placing your order. Please watch the video, All about Yardage Charts, to learn how quickly replace fabric in your quilt within the Yardage Chart.

“By Fabric” is the default view when the Yardage Chart is first opened.

Add to Cart

Add the project to your shopping cart. When you do so, you may get a warning letting you know there is an item in your project that is out of stock or there is not enough fabric in stock to make your quilt. This is your opportunity to continue editing and find a suitable replacement before buying.

If you do not see this warning, you are good to go!

Inside the Quilt Planner, you’ll get this warning if there is not enough fabric to meet the needs of your project. Follow the prompts to choose suitable replacements.

Edit Your Shopping Cart & Checkout

In the shopping cart, you can add extra quantities of items if you want a little extra fabric or add quantities to anything in your cart before proceeding to Checkout to place your order.

Edit items in your cart to remove or add inventory.

Understanding Fabric Inventory Icons

In this video, you will learn what each icon means.

Purchasable / In Stock ( skip to 0:16)

This fabric is available for purchase at and is in stock.

Not Purchasable (skip to 0:31)

This fabric is not for sale at

Low Inventory / In Stock (skip to 0:56)

This fabric is available for purchase at and is in stock, however, we are running low so purchase your project soon!

Out of Stock (skip to 1:11)

This fabric is sold out.

Inventory does not meet project requirements (skip to 1:22)

This fabric is available for purchase but there is not enough to make your project.

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Thanks and happy Quiltstering!

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