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We recommend watching a Virtual Tour of to familiarize yourself with our platform and then Join the Quiltster Support Network where you can ask questions, share projects, and find inspiration from the Quiltster community.

Now, lets get to it!

Create Your First Project

Step 1: Choose a Pattern

To create a project, begin by choosing a predesigned pattern from our library.

  • Log into
  • Click Quilt Planner in the main menu.  This takes you to your Dashboard.
  • Click Pattern Library.
  • Look through the patterns and find one to customize.  Open the pattern and click "Customize".  This takes you into the Quilt Planner.

Step 2: Add Fabric

Next, customize your pattern with fabric using the easy point-and-click interface.  This video walks you through the entire customization process.  Follow along and make sure to check the list of videos below that dig in deeper to Quilt Planner tools that will help take your project to the next level!

Helpful videos about how to create a new project:

Step 3: Share and Inspire!

Congratulations on creating your first project!  Share your work to the public Quilt Gallery to inspire and encourage creativity in others. Each month projects are selected from the Gallery to be featured on social media.  The more you share, the more chances you'll have to be in the spotlight!  

Remember to share your Gallery page to Facebook and tag us @quiltsterinc and make your post public so we can see it too!

For the Best Quiltster Experience

Quiltster is powered by advanced technology to provide this service to you. For the best Quiltster experience, please adhere to these recommendations.


  1. Use Google Chrome as your browser. 
  2. Log out of Quiltster when finished for the day.
  3. Restart devices regularly. 

Because of the technology requirements, some older devices may not work perfectly.  If you believe you are not seeing the most current version of Quiltster or if you are experiencing issues follow the actions on the troubleshooting checklist or report the issue and our team will get you taken care of right away.


Ready to get started planning your first quilt?

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