Run a Sale!

Run a sale on your products in the Marketplace to help draw more attention to your products at anytime. At your request, a coupon code will be created that customers may add to the cart before checking out to redeem the offer. Give me as much lead time as possible, preferably 30 days. This allows

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Pattern Designers

Become a Quiltster Partner Expand your reach by offering patterns in the Quilt Planner Offer quilters a unique experience with your brand Plan marketing materials using Quiltster images Create colorway variations of physical samples to cater to a wider audience As a Quiltster partner, your patterns will be featured in the Pattern Library of the

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Become a Quiltster Marketplace Seller

Ready to grow your business? The Quiltster Marketplace extends your audience and gives you the tools to expand your offerings in a way that sets you apart from your competition. Join our growing list of Sellers and take your business to the next level with Quiltster. Easy management of product listings. Reach active quilting shoppers

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How to use Quiltster as a Tool for your Shop

Are you looking for creative ways to grow your business? Here you’ll find ideas on how to leverage your Quiltster subscription to benefit your bottom line. Feel free to reach out to discuss ways to customize these ideas to better fit your business model. Continue reading to find out how to get the most out

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Color Consultations

Color Consultations are a great way to build strong customer relationships, increase buyer confidence at the point of sale and offer a fun and memorable way to interact with clientele.  The idea is to open up Quiltster, find a pattern and add fabric (from your shop) into the pattern to show your customer how the

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How to Create a New Project in the Quilt Planner