How it Works


Create a Seller Account

Signing up is easy to do. If you’re already a Quiltster subscriber, we’ll upgrade your existing account, otherwise, we’ll set up a new account for you that will give you access to all the Seller tools.


The only fees associated with a seller account are the subscription and listing fees. Listing fees are paid at the time an item sells.

Create Listings

Everything you need to create listings and manage orders is at your fingertips!  Seller tools make it easy to create listings and manage orders.


We’ve provided bite-sized guides for posting each type of product making it easy for anyone on your team to step in and help out.


Quilt Kits

There are two types of Quilt Kits that you can list for sale.


  • Quiltster Kits: Create projects in the Quilt Planner and at the click of a button, convert these projects into a Quilt Kit listing for the Marketplace. Your project details transfer to the listing including the project image, pattern and fabric details.
  • Classic Kits: Have a lot of kits sitting in your shop? Any kit that you have for sale in your shop may be added to the Marketplace. The difference here is that you would provide all the data and images for these kits since they are not part of the Quilt Planner.


Quilt Patterns & Fabric


  • Quilt Patterns & Fabric require inventory integration. Please contact us to inquire about how to get started selling patterns & fabric in the Marketplace.
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Promote Products

As soon as your first product is listed, Quiltster will announce you to our audience. You’ll want to do the same thing on a regular basis to help increase awareness on an ongoing basis.


  • Send out an e-newsletter with your shop link.
  • Schedule social media posts out each month.
  • Add your shop link to your email signature.
  • Create a Quiltster Marketplace page on your website or feature products with direct links to your Marketplace items.


Congratulations! Once you get that first order in, keep the momentum going!  Here are tips to keep customers coming back to see what's new.

  • Add new kits regularly.  Set calendar reminders weekly so you don't forget!
  • Pre-schedule social media posts with direct links to products to help customers find your kits faster.
  • Schedule a call with seller support to get ideas for kits that fit well with your business model.  There's a lot we can do to help so don't hesitate to schedule a call and learn how to take your Marketplace experience to the next level.

Make Sales!


Start listing products today!