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Get access to the Quilt Planner to customize patterns, pick out fabric and see your finished quilt before buying supplies. Choose a membership and start your free trial today!

Step 1: Choose a subscription plan, either Monthly or Annual. This is the subscription plan that will begin after your free trial phase ends, unless cancelled prior to the end of the free trial phase.

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What You Get

  • Access to the online Quilt Planner
  • Expansive library of patterns to keep you inspired
  • Thousands of fabric designs to explore
  • Fabric uploader to catalog your own fabric from home
  • Yardage charts for every project you create
  • Unlimited project creation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes.  A subscription plan choice is required in order to start the free trial. The subscription plan will begin after the free trial phase ends, unless cancelled prior to the end of the free trial phase.
  • Yes.  A credit card is required for all Quiltster subscriptions including a free trial period. However, nothing is charged to your credit card until the free trial phase ends.
  • If you do not wish to subscribe after the free trial phase, you must cancel your subscription prior to the first subscription payment processing.  To cancel, visit your Account page (button in the top right corner of the page) and there you will see a button to cancel your subscription.
  • Your first subscription payment will automatically process once your free trial phase has ended. The top section of your Account page shows your upcoming automatic payment date and amount.
  • Your new Quiltster subscription will automatically renew every 30 days for the monthly plan or every 12 months for the annual plan starting at that first subscription payment date after the free trial has ended.
  • Start with the Guide to Getting Started in Quiltster or check out the Quiltster Blog which is full of tutorials with more being added regularly!
  • Free trial coupon codes are given out at special online events hosted by Quiltster or on promotional ads at certain times throughout the year.