Tour of the Marketplace & Shopping Cart

In this video, you will tour the Marketplace and Shopping Cart at Video Shortcuts 0:47 What is the Marketplace? 1:30 Quilt Kits 1:34 Sorting and Filtering 2:19 Which Quilt Shop is selling each item? 2:34 Quilt Kit details page and kit variation options 3:25 Quilt Patterns 3:40 Filters unique to Quilt Patterns page 4:48

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Marketplace Coupons

Quilt Shops Everything you see for sale in the Marketplace is sold by and fulfilled by our Quilt Shop partners across the country. The shop name is shown on each listing so you can see with whom you are shopping. Marketplace coupons are specific to a Quilt Shop. Filter “Quilt Shops” to see everything the

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How to Create a New Project in the Quilt Planner